custom 14 kt yellow gold, amethyst and diamond necklace

Amethyst is the world’s most popular purple gemstone. It is also the birthstone of February, and an important New Age gem. This gem is durable enough for use in rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and other types of jewelry. It has a hardness scale of seven on the MOHS hardness scale and does not break easily. Amethyst is found in quartz, which is also a seven on the hardness scale. See the hardness scale here.  A harder gemstone is more durable and can be worn every day.  

The Most Popular Purple Gemstone 

Most people can easily afford the amethyst because they are largely mined from South America and Africa and are quite plentiful. There is one mine currently in operation in America, located in Arizona. Native Americans knew of this location as amethyst can be found nearby in the arrowhead artifacts. Most of the gemstones we purchase in America are sourced from Madagascar, South Africa, or South America, particularly Brazil.  When you purchase this gemstone from Lee Dorn, most of the time we can say it was sourced from Brazil.  

The Colors of Amethyst

Amethyst exists in a wide range of colors. It can be nearly opaque or so dark that it is imperceptible. It can be reddish-purple, purple, or violet. The darker the color, the more valuable the gemstone. The lighter colors are described as orchid, lilac, or lavender, while the darker shades are purple, royal, or grape. The term is saturation for the dark colors. The more purple the gemstone, the higher the saturation of purple in the gemstone. These are valuable gemstones. The Four Peaks Mine in Arizona is known for producing the color “Siberian Red”, a deep violet purple with a flash of red, named for the only other known deposit of the color in the Ural Mountains of Russia. It is a rarer color, but also a beautiful color. Sometimes, there are also flashes of blue within the purple coloring that romanticize the stone and bring a great appeal for the purchase. 

Amethyst is used in Royal Jewels 

Purple is the color of royalty, and amethyst gemstones have been found in Crown Jewels. It appears there are three amethysts in the Spanish crown from the mine at Four Peaks Mining in Arizona. You can read more about the Four Peaks Mine in Arizona, here. 

Amethyst is February’s Birthstone 

Amethyst is known as a healing crystal in New Age medicine. In today’s classifications, it is known as a semi-precious stone. To ancient peoples, it was a “Gem of Fire”, a precious stone worth as much as a diamond at times in history. Amethyst is said to have healing properties and to enhance one’s creativity and passion. It is February‘s birthstone because it is associated with the Roman god Neptune, as well as Saint Valentine. Valentine’s Day always falls in February and the amethyst is a stone symbolic of love.  

When looking to purchase a gift for someone this Valentine’s day, or as a birthday present for February, consider the Amethyst.  Come in, call, or contact us and we will be happy to show you pieces ready for purchase, or you can customize something special.