Lee Dorn Jewelry Services

Lee Dorn Jewelers proudly offers a full range of services to meet your jewelry needs. Stop in our store to have your piece cleaned, examined and safety checked.

Custom Jewelry Designs

We will work with you to develop unique jewelry designs using new high-quality materials and gemstones, or using pre-owned and family heirloom jewelry. Hand-crafted metalwork, model wax carving, lost wax casting and CAD-CAM technology are among the processes we use.

Jewelry Repair

Lee Dorn Jewelers offers expert craftsmanship to handle your jewelry repair needs including sizing, stone replacement and setting, prong checking, engraving, pearl and bead stringing. We use the latest technology available, such as laser welding, to ensure secure, high-quality workmanship. We’ll even repair those special and sentimental costume jewelry items.

Jewelry Restoration

Our skilled jewelers can carefully rebuild and refurbish existing, vintage or heirloom jewelry pieces, bringing back their original luster. Please, make an appointment to bring in your jewelry items for review.

Jewelry Consulting & Appraisals

Lee Dorn Jewelers will identify, grade, evaluate and document existing jewelry pieces for insurance and estate purposes.

Lee Dorn Jewelry Services
Lee Dorn Jewelry Services

From sketch to the finished piece

Lee Dorn is a true artist. He has the ability to talk to you about your vision for a unique piece of jewelry & then turn it into reality. I had a beautiful diamond in a traditional setting that had been sitting in a safe deposit box, unworn for a number of years. Lee asked me to describe the ideal setting as he sketched my description. I fell in love, first with the sketch and then when I saw the ring! Lee had transformed my ordinary ring into an extraordinarily beautiful work of art!?

Susan H., Middleton, WI