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Lee Dorn Jewelers specializes in designing custom jewelry. We offer unique designer jewelry from around the world that captures the imagination and expression of individual style. The store is located in Madison, WI. Our have over 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry. The Gallery features examples of classic, distinctive, contemporary, and traditional jewelry.

I am Lee Dorn, a fashion jewelry expert with over 40 years of experience. Me personally attends to every customer who calls or visits my friendly shop. My success is built on providing personalized attention to each customer. Whether customers choose to have custom-designed jewelry or select a piece from one of the exclusive collections at Lee Dorn Jewelers. They will find a treasure that will attract the discerning eyes. I give them the pride and satisfaction of calling it their own.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through any of the joining methods listed below. We look forward to hearing from you! The best way to contact Lee Dorn Jewelers during business hours is by calling us at (608) 231-2838. Outside of business hours, please submit the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Lee Dorn has been “my” jeweler for at least 20 years. Why? He offers exquisite jewelry designs, will create wonderful one-of-a-kind pieces, and provides superb customer service. Lee is able to sketch and explain the customer’s “vision” of what they want and, when asked, will offer possibilities for design or metal. An honest and sincere man, whom I respect as a business owner, and whom I consider a friend.

Georgia P., Madison, WI

Lee Dorn has been a real partner and my only “go to jewelry guy” for years. He has always helped me make the exact choice, for the perfect gift, for my wife and daughter. I could not do this without him. Initially, Lee came highly recommended from a trustworthy friend.

Greg A., Verona, WI

I love to shop for jewelry and I appreciate Lee Dorn’s knowledge and great customer service on the subject of gems and jewelry!

Sandy T., Fitchburg, WI

The jewelry I have purchased from Lee Dorn Jewelers is the jewelry I will be wearing my whole life, it is timeless and artistic and I feel good wearing it.

Janet W., New Mexico

I have known Lee Dorn for over 40 years. He has a true flair for color and style that makes his jewelry stand out from the mundane. He will ALWAYS help you to find you that new piece you’re longing for.

Patricia B., New York

Lee Dorn Jewelers is the only source for great quality, creative jewelry. I have known and worked with Lee Dorn for many years. He is the consummate jeweler. His store always has a good selection and the service is beyond compare.

Jon A., Madison, WI

Lee Dorn has been my jeweler and trusted friend for more than twenty years. Together we have designed and redesigned exquisite jewelry pieces. He’s a great talent with unquestionable integrity.

Judith H., Peoria, AZ

Lee Dorn has great taste in jewelry. I have great trust in him, and feel unique knowing that each piece of jewelry I purchase is one of a kind!

Dar, Madison, WI

Beautification through ornamentation describes the precious stone and metal work that comes from the creative designs of Lee Dorn Jewelers. Jewels, gems, and jewelry are his specialty, and are second only to pleasing customers who ALWAYS return. We have been customers of Lee for many years, and each time we visit there are new ideas and fresh designs to consider. Lee Dorn even keeps me on his email list and remembers birthday and anniversary dates better than I do. Thanks Lee for being the expert we need in the jewelry business!

Susan H., Middleton, WI

As a GIA diploma awarded gemologist who worked in the field of importing gemstones and representing some of the finest jewelry manufacturing artists, I recommend Lee Dorn highly. Over a period of twenty years, Lee and I worked together to bring some of the finest gems and jewelry to the Madison area. I traveled throughout the Midwest and know no one who worked harder or cared more about what he did than Lee. He was always looking for something new and innovative, but sound in jewelry construction. He is a good friend of mine, and good for the jewelry industry.

Brad K., Decatur, Illinois

The loveliest part about going to Lee Dorn’s shop is Lee himself. Not only does he have something special in all price ranges for everyone, but he is also so warm, welcoming, smart, and just plain fun. Whether you enter the doors of his beautiful and cozy store to purchase something for you or someone you love, or whether you just stop by to visit with the owner, you always leave feeling happier.

Susan, Interior Designer

I have been a client of Lee Dorn’s for 17 years or more. Lee is all about beautiful, distinctive design in jewelry. His eye for style has made some amazing pieces a reality for me. I have never been disappointed in the quality of my purchases and I value his integrity and honesty.

Vivian, Weatherford, TX

Having Lee Dorn as our jeweler is like working with a friend. He provides a high level of service and remembers my wife’s tastes. So, when I stop in, he guides me in the right direction … which makes my wife very happy.

Christopher R., Madison, WI

For heirloom quality jewelry pieces and unmatched service, I would consider no other jeweler than Lee Dorn Jewelers. Lee Dorn has hit a home run with every recommendation over the past 15 years. It is so awesome to simply pick up the phone and say, “Lee … we have an anniversary approaching!” and to know that he will work his magic with a selection of perfect pieces from which to choose.

Michael G., MD, Madison, WI

Purchasing jewelry from Lee Dorn Jewelers has always been a clear-cut and easy choice. His unique designs compliment my wife’s style and my wife gets endless compliments on her dazzling jewelry.

Chris L., Chicago, IL

Lee Dorn Jewelers has been an important source of jewelry, and jewelry ideas, for our family for years. He’s creative and knows the products and the business. Thanks, Lee, for being a big part of our family celebrations of all kinds!

Jac G., Madison, WI

Whenever you go to Lee Dorn’s shop, you know that you will be treated to wit, kindness, and a fabulous selection of jewelry. His taste is impeccable; his humor infectious; and his wish to make each customer feel like they are a duchess or a princess or wherever your imagination takes you is spot on. I would buy jewelry no other place—where else can you find a kind person who “gets” your taste and style?

A Madison professional woman

Lee Dorn is everything I expect in a family jeweler…he’s ethical, honest and provides wonderful service. Most of all he’s delightful to work with, has a wonderful shop and can help you find the perfect gift for friend, family or best of all…for yourself! Lee has been my personal jeweler for twelve years helping me with serious items as well as more eclectic, modern pieces I enjoy wearing every day. I have recommended Lee Dorn Jewelers to my clients and friends over the years with extremely positive results & feedback. He is a gem!

Andrea S., Madison, WI

The other night at dinner—on vacation—my wife wore the earrings I purchased for her many years ago from Lee Dorn Jewelry. She and they looked stunning. Here’s the best part: When she receives compliments on her jewelry, as she frequently does, it’s as if I gave her another gift.

Chris L., Chicago, IL

Lee Dorn took my vision for an inherited diamond in a 1950s setting, and created an exciting design that modernized and highlighted a diamond that was important to me, in a way that fits me and my lifestyle.

Deedra A., Madison, WI

Lee Dorn is the ultimate professional, who offers excellent advice on our jewelry selections. In addition to his tremendous service, Lee gets to know the tastes and preferences of his customers, and thereafter makes the shopping experience easy, and a lot of fun!

Jay K., Madison, WI

I moved to Chicago 8 years ago. Lee Dorn is STILL my jeweler. To have that kind of loyalty, he’s got to be amazing. Lee is the best at customer service I have ever encountered and his design creativity cannot be matched.

Zola, Chicago, IL

Lee Dorn is a great listener and does not hesitate to find exactly whatever I am looking for. He has keen recall of what I have previously purchased from him and he really knows my wife’s tastes far better than I do. Shopping with Lee Dorn Jewelers is always a pleasure.

Jon A., Madison, WI