Bring your heirlooms back to life.

Lee Dorn is a true artist. He has the ability to talk to you about your vision for a unique piece of jewelry. Then he turns it into reality with Jewelry Repair and Restoration. In fact, I had a beautiful diamond in a traditional setting that had been sitting in a safe deposit box, unworn, for a number of years. 

Lee asked me to describe the ideal setting as he sketched my description. I fell in love, first with the sketch and then when I saw the ring! Lee had transformed my ordinary ring into an extraordinarily beautiful work of art!” Susan H., Middleton, WI

Amazing Jewelry Repair Services

Our master jewelers have repaired and rebuilt countless pieces of jewelry to restore their former function and beauty. When Lee Dorn Jewelers restores a piece of fine jewelry to its original integrity, the owner can feel satisfied and proud of their investment.

For example, a customer brought in a family heirloom necklace that had been passed down for generations but had become damaged over time. Lee Dorn Jewelers carefully repaired and restored the intricate details of the necklace to ensure its sentimental value and stunning appearance.

At that time, the customer was thrilled to see the necklace transformed back to its original glory, allowing them to continue the tradition of wearing it on special occasions.

High-quality Jewelry Restoration Services

Our skilled jewelry craftsmen carefully rebuild and refurbish existing vintage and heirloom pieces, bringing back their original character and condition. Also, we make replicas of existing pieces when an example can be furnished. We provide only the highest quality in our jewelry repair and restoration services.

Furthermore, we ensure that every intricate design element is restored to its former brilliance with our meticulous attention to detail. Our craftsmen use traditional techniques and modern tools to delicately repair any damage and reestablish the luster that time has dulled. 

Our restoration services will breathe new life into your jewelry, whether it’s a family heirloom or a treasured vintage find. Moreover, this allows you to continue the tradition of wearing it on special occasions.

Lee’s talent as a jewelry artist truly shines through in his ability to bring a customer’s vision to life. He possesses a remarkable talent for perceiving and interpreting their needs. (Besides, he has the uncanny ability to produce works that go above and beyond.

Susan H. from Middleton, WI, is a witness to this, having experienced the magic of Lee’s craftsmanship firsthand. When she approached him with her diamond in a traditional setting, Lee wasted no time understanding her vision for a unique piece of jewelry. 

Likewise, Lee carefully sketched Susan’s description of her ideal setting as she vividly described it. Thus, this captures every detail and nuance. He meticulously crafted the piece with precision and skill. When Susan saw the final result, she was awestruck. 

The jewelry surpassed her expectations, reflecting her vision perfectly. Lee’s ability to understand and interpret his clients’ desires truly sets him apart as a master craftsman.

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