This summer, try a new look with jewelry in your hair. Not jewelry like rings and bracelets, but beautiful clips, pieces, headbands, and other accessories that can elevate your look. There are so many different ways to style your hair including new ways with some awesome hairpieces. It will make your hair showstopping. It’s time to venture away from your regular hairstyle and create a new one to enhance your beauty! Below are a few tips on how to take your everyday look to fabulous. 

jewelry for hair


There are a million and one ways to utilize jewelry for your hair and style it. You can have multiple clips, one elegant pin, or a statement clip.  Bobby pins with gems that you can tuck into updos and braids are another quick way to incorporate hair jewelry into your look. Other clips can be claw clips, small clips, and barrettes. There are also an array of different staples of clips as shown below.  

jewelry for hair


A great way to express yourself and spice up your hair is to add headbands. Headbands are like other hair jewelry and accessories but there are different ways to wear them. You can wear hard headbands with jewels and gemstones. Embroidered cloth with gems can also be worn in bandana styles. Hair jewelry makes a big difference with how your outfit coordinates. It can add something extra when you are unsure of how to take your vibe to a different level

Other ideas can be beautiful metals like gold, silver, and rose gold hair jewelry. Headbands, clips and other accessories with plain metals can add a touch of style and not be too overpowering.  

Hair beads, clamps, and little crimps are also a great little touch to help you make your hair look much different. They are like little pieces of metal that you can add to small groups of hair. This is really cute on straight, curly, or braided hair. 

 Jewelry for Hair:

If you are unsure of any ways to style your jewelry whether it is in your hair or body, Lee Dorn has great advice. If you need any inspiration, Pinterest and tiktok. It can be your friend in learning how to style these ideas step by step. If you are feeling creative, you can just start working with your hair jewelry and accessories and adding them into your hair in ways you think might look great.