3-stone London Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Ring

There are many reasons why customers come in and wish to customize jewelry. Most everyone sets a budget they would like to work within and then has a consultation with Lee about the jewelry he will produce. You may see yourself in the list below, or you may have your own reason that you wish to share or not. Anyone can decide to have customized jewelry.

Special Someone To Buy For Customize Jewelry—

Maybe you are purchasing for that special someone: a spouse, a partner, a wife, or a daughter, or it is an engagement ring that you want customized and “One of a Kind!” Occasions are just regular birthday gifts with customized jewelry and are often extravagant endeavors for significant milestone anniversaries. It is hard to say which is more fun to produce. Customized jewelry is as varied as the stones to choose from.

Memorial Piece To Memorialize Someone—

Someone may have left you jewelry, and you wish to memorialize them by turning it into a custom piece. You can meld the gold and create a unique piece to fit your style. Lee can also customize a look-alike piece if more than one person would like the same item or if you have a picture to reference. You could also create a unique piece to look how you want to remember someone. It again is varied in your reasons and the outcomes.

A Showcase Piece To Dazzle—

You may have an ornate piece of jewelry that you wish to showcase in a brooch or make into a lapel pin. Many times necklaces are made from specialized showcase pieces. Their gifts often come from someone special but are not functional in their original state. Bring the piece to Lee, and he will work with it to make it work for you. It will be a showcase piece to dazzle.

Many people customize jewelry because they have an individualized taste and don’t see what they want in the jewelry cases. Lee will provide you with an exquisite design and create something to become the centerpiece you have always dreamed of.

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