Are you ready to design your own jewelry? Lee is your guy! Let’s discuss the process.

The Custom Jewelry Process

We will work with you to develop a unique jewelry design specific to your tastes and personality. Whether from a concept, photo, or idea you already have or a design developed here with us in-house, our objective is to deliver to you a distinctive and original design that is tailored to your individuality.

The process can begin by looking through our many in-store designs or browsing through our design portfolios. Once a design idea is established, we provide a working sketch to a complete rendering, wax model, and on to the finished piece. The process is meticulous and deliberate, allowing the thorough communication and understanding necessary during the custom design process. There should be no surprises except for delight once the project is complete.

We supply only new, high-quality metals and gemstones, or we will use pre-owned and family heirloom jewelry. Hand-crafted metalwork, model wax carvings, lost wax casting, and CAD-CAM technology is among the processes we use.

Our artistry is refined and precise, producing a custom artisan-crafted product. Our clients say it best.

“Lee Dorn is a true artist. He has the ability to talk to you about your vision for a unique piece of jewelry & then turn it into reality. I had a beautiful diamond in a traditional setting that had been sitting in a safe deposit box, unworn for a number of years. Lee asked me to describe the ideal setting as he sketched my description. I fell in love, first with the sketch and then when I saw the ring! Lee had transformed my ordinary ring into an extraordinarily beautiful work of art!” 

Susan H., Middleton, WI


Custom Rings

Nothing has more enduring value and uniqueness than a custom piece of jewelry. We look forward to working with you at Lee Dorn Jewelers to create a beautiful custom ring, whether it marks a special occasion or rounds out your jewelry collection. With a wide range of metals and gemstones to choose from, your custom ring will reflect your exceptional taste and style.

Custom Bracelets

A custom bracelet, created with a unique combination of metal and gemstones that you select, will quickly become not just a beautiful, stylish addition for any occasion but also an heirloom to be enjoyed for generations. Lee Dorn Jewelers has decades of experience guiding the most discerning customers through an interactive design that yields truly distinctive custom bracelets.

Custom Necklaces/Pendants

Custom pendants and necklaces provide the ultimate flexibility for those who want to create a matchless piece with impeccable taste. With a full range of metals and gemstones to choose from, your custom pendant or necklace will be a stunning reflection of your unique style. We have worked with scores of customers to create custom pendants and necklaces that continue to be treasured.

Custom Earrings

Custom earrings can make a subtle statement or distinctive splash. Whatever your vision for your custom earrings, we look forward to helping you bring them to fruition. With a broad range of metals and gemstones available, your custom earrings will be a one-of-a-kind reflection of your style. We look forward to being your partner in creating truly unique custom earrings.

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