So many beautiful trends are happening in jewelry. Previously edgy, crazy designs, although beautiful, have been trending. Now, there has been a return to a classic simple design from before. At Lee Dorn, we can help you design any jewelry of your dreams. We can help you jump on trends or modify engagement ring and something to your liking and make it a long lasting beautiful piece. 

Engagement Ring

Classic Cuts 

Based on recent trends, classic solitaire diamonds have made a comeback. Although there are many styles and selections of diamonds, Lee Dorn Jewlers can help you find the right stone to make your ring stand out. Solitaire diamonds have a timeless luster, look, and shine. Different sizes, cuts, and weights may affect pricing but all will make your ring stand out. 


Beautiful Bands 

In jewelry trends for 2021, bands have another classic look of designs of wedding rings and bands but with a modern twist. For metals, yellow golds or hybrids of metals have been used due to the price of gold rising. Recently, there have been classic looks with a twist. This means you can have diverse metals, intricate designs, and more or less stones added along the band. More eccentric ideas are prominent to try for your wedding or engagement ring while incorporating a classic look. 

 Alternative Looks 

As a contrast to classic, rough cuts, diamonds are a major trend. This is the opposite of a classic solitaire. This style of ring is very beautiful and can really make your ring stand out. Interesting shapes, cuts, and colors are also on the rise. This means alternative stones to diamonds, interesting shapes can give your ring a different look. For example, emeralds have made their way into the trends with square or rectangle shape. Oval shape can make any diamond or gem you pick stand out. Metals can also make your ring different and unique as well making it one of the trends. By using different metals, you can really diversify the look 

Economical Trends 

When jumping on a trend, economically sourced materials might be your 2021 trend choice. Many people have been choosing metal types and gems that are ethically sourced. This could mean recycled materials or metals from an ethically manufactured process. Some might opt for a single band that symbolizes engagement ring and is also used for wedding band as well. This can save you money and have an economically savvy ring. 

Lee Dorn can help you design the ring of your dreams. Come in today to discuss your vision and ideas. Whether an old trend or a new one, Lee can help you bring your ideas to life and create a special unique ring to help you celebrate a love of a lifetime!