There are a million meanings behind each gemstone between birthdays, symbolic meanings, and more. If you are looking to put special thought into the perfect jewelry, you might need to align your hopes with what each gemstone means. Throughout history, people have had to do the same. From ancient times to today, different gems held different significance, power, and meaning. Below we dive deeper and explain what each gemstone means. 

What are Gemstones? 

Before we dive deeper, let’s talk about gemstones. If you want a quality stone and a clear meaning, you must know what a gemstone is. Gemstones are stones that are cut or polished and hold unique beauty. Due to their natural luster and beauty, they are used commonly in jewelry. Historically, gemstones have been used for hundreds of years. 

Symbolism in Gemstones 

Gemstones carry many meanings and are a symbol for many different things. Among different cultures, gemstones are believed to possess powers and meanings. Many gemstones have the similar symbolism to people whether it is for love, family, or healing. Below are some of the most popular. 

  • Rose Quartz is a popular stone for love 
  • Jade represents wealth and health 
  • Citrines or Garnet bring Good Luck 
  • Turquoise exudes protection 
  • Tourmaline heals broken hearts 
  • Sapphires mean fidelity 
  • Ruby is for love, luck, and good fortunes 

ruby ring

Many people use common themes when picking out gemstones. Each color and pattern of the gem might mean something different. For example,  

  • Pink or red gemstones reflect affection and passion 
  • Yellow gemstones are for joy 
  • Blue gemstones signify peace 
  • Purple gems mean balance and intuition 
  • Green means calm and fortune 
  • White and black are for purity and healing 

gemstone meanings

Historical Healing 

Historically, many gemstones were used in healing and health. Some stones were used for toothaches, mental health, hangovers, and even dementia. Some gemstones were even thought to prevent the disease altogether. By mixing stones, meanings might be changed creating a different purpose altogether. For example, carrying a few stones that have similar meanings can bring you amplified feelings. If you mix different stone meanings it might be a mix of the stones. 

Do you think gemstones have meanings? Do you use any of your jewelry for any special meanings? At Lee Dorn, we believe that all gemstones are beautiful and packed full of any and all meanings, but all in the eye of the beholder! Comment below if you have any gemstone meanings!