Are you wondering what jewelry you will wear for the holidays? Look no further. Lee Dorn has the best holiday jewelry in Madison, Wisconsin. From custom designs to beautiful collections, Lee Dorn has the most attractive options for gifts or to keep for yourself for the holidays! 

At Lee Dorn, we specialize in custom jewelry and have stunning pieces available to you this holiday season that will be more than trendy for years to come. A few trends that are popular this year are charms, pearls, and statement pieces. Lee Dorn has a wide range of different rings, bracelets, earrings, or necklaces that you will love. 

Custom Jewelry 

At Lee Dorn, we specialize in beautiful, unique designs. We can help you bring your jewelry dreams to life and create holiday jewelry tailored to your personality and goals. We start by designing your jewelry based on examples from photos or ideas or even some catalogs you can look through in our store. After that, we can tweak every detail to how you want your jewelry to look. We take special care to have no surprises in the process and develop sketches, models and make sure you love the look of your jewelry along the way. We will make your vision into a beautiful work of art that will make the holidays even brighter! 

Nina Wynn Charm Earrings

Nina Wynne 

This winter, long, attention-grabbing earrings are popular. Nina Wynn is a popular new jewelry collection at Lee Dorn that is customizable. One of our favorite pieces in this collection is interchangeable hoop and charm earrings. You can change the gem pieces to achieve the look you want, including length and coloring. Other great pieces in this collection are aquamarine and 18 karat gold. Like the other earrings, you can mix and match the design to alter the length and make it unique. This collection is dazzling, exquisite and is sure to blow trends right out of the water for holiday jewelry.

Holiday Jewelry Trends for Gold and Pearls 

As for the other holiday jewelry trends, gold and pearls are on the rise. This trend is fortunate because gold and pearls alike are a timeless, elegant way of expressing yourself through jewelry. This jewelry can be worn for any occasion and dressed up or down. For more of a statement, try chunky gold pieces of jewelry or multiple necklaces layered. With gold and pearls, your jewelry will make heads turn not just for trends in 2021 but a lifetime. Lee Dorn has many beautiful pieces for you to choose from or custom order.  

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