Lee Dorn Jewelers is more than just custom jewelry. Lee Dorn is knowledgeable in every aspect of jewelry repair, in and out. Here, we make many types of jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more. Along with picking out your jewelry gemstones and metal, it is equally important to consider maintenance and cleaning of your jewelry to keep it looking great and keep its beauty lasting. 

jewelry repair


At Lee Dorn Jewelers, we provide restoration services with care. Our team inspects and repairs fine jewelry to its original quality, ensuring that it is in the best hands. Once we have repaired your jewelry, we can restore its function as well. Keeping your jewelry functional and wearable requires regular repairs. Bring your jewelry to us, and we will inspect it and determine the best solution for your piece.



Old antique jewelry can be restored at Lee Dorn along with making our high-quality pieces. Vintage pieces will be brought back to life as our skilled jewelers create a tailored solution for every piece of jewelry. Lee Dorn can rebuild and refurbish restoring your jewelry to like-new condition. If the pieces cannot be restored, Lee Dorn can also provide high-quality replacement replicas and help you recreate your special piece. 



Maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule is crucial to keep your jewelry luxurious and vibrant. Experts recommend inspecting and cleaning valuable pieces every six to twelve months. Regular cleanings not only restore beauty but also identify and repair any imperfections before major damage occurs. Lee Dorn, an expert in creating beautiful custom jewelry, not only creates it but also keeps it looking beautiful. We take care to ensure that we use the proper cleaning technique on your jewelry. Our process employs both old and new techniques to preserve and maintain your jewelry, keeping it looking great.

jewelry repair

Lee Dorn creates the best custom jewelry in Madison, WI. Our expertise in everything jewelry makes us the clear choice for maintaining the pieces we create, as well as those brought to us. We are passionate about jewelry, and our enthusiasm is reflected in our work. We recognize the importance of your prized jewelry, and we are committed to providing top-notch restoration, repair, and cleaning services to ensure that your pieces remain beautiful and sparkling.


Consult with us today for an evaluation. Lee Dorn jewelers will identify your jewelry and be able to provide the care your jewelry needs! With 40 years of expertise, high ratings, and one of the top picks for Madison, Lee Dorn Jewelers is the clear choice for all of your jewelry needs.