June is known for the end of school, vacations, and BBQ’s long summer days but here at Lee Dorn Jewelers, we think June is unique for a different reason. June is one of only three months in the year that has three birthstones, giving you a variety of beautiful birthstone choices.   

The three birthstones for June are Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone.   birthstones



The Pearl gemstone is made mostly of aragonite, a soft carbonate mineral that is also made up from the shells of mollusks. A pearl is created when a very small fragment of rock, a sand grain, or a parasite enters the mollusk’s shell. Pearls possess a uniquely delicate translucence and luster that rank them among the most highly valued gemstones. The pearl color varies on the species of mollusk that produced it. A white pearl is the most common and the best known. Other shades of colors are black, cream, gray, yellow, lavender, blue, green, and mauve.   

Pearls can be found all over the world. The Mississippi River and the forest streams of Bavaria, Germany contain pearl-producing freshwater mussels. Black pearls can be found in the Gulf of Mexico. Natural seawater pearls can be found in the waters of the Celebes in Indonesia the Gulf of California, the Pacific coast of Mexico, and Japan is famous for its cultured pearls. 

Moonstone birthstones

Moonstone belongs to the family of minerals called feldspars; a group of silicate minerals commonly formed in rocks. The best moonstones are from Sri Lanka but are also found in the Alps, India, Burma, and Madagascar. This gemstone got its name for the bluish-white spots within them, that when held up to a light it projects a silvery color much light moonlight. When you move the stone back and forth, the silvery ray appears to move about.  

In India, the moonstone is considered a sacred stone and is believed to bring good fortune brought on by a spirit that lives within the stone. 



Alexandrite birthstones

The Alexandrite gemstone is known for its chameleon-like personality. In the daylight, it appears green with a bluish or brownish tint, while under artificial lighting, the stone turns a reddish violet color.   

Alexandrite is a hard mineral that belongs to the chrysoberyl family. The unusual colors are attributed to the chromium in the mineral. It is a very uncommon stone and therefore very expensive. Sri Lanka is the main source of Alexandrite stones but is also found in Brazil, Madagascar, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Burma. Replicated alexandrite gemstones have been manufactured but the color change cannot be reproduced so these stones have only seen marginal market success in the United States.   

If you know someone celebrating a special event, a birthday, an anniversary, or just because, we have a wide variety of Pearl Jewelry that we will be happy to show you, or let us help you customize that special piece. Come in, call, or contact us today.