October is one of our favorite months of the year at Lee Dorn. The year is cooling down, the start of the holiday season, and more importantly, beautiful birthstones opal and tourmaline. With either stone, there is unique beauty that can give you a great character piece that can make any jewelry beautiful from bracelets, necklaces to pendants and earrings. Throughout history, stones have changed for each month and before these aquamarines were the old birthstone for October. Now, having a traditional opal, that has been an October birthstone for centuries, or modern pink tourmaline, you have an array of options that have a timeless beauty.  

October has two birthstones due to opals being very feminine and soft. Tourmaline on the other hand was added to the list of birthstones because of its durability and beauty. The Natural Jewelers Association gets to decide the birthstones for each month, but it has been standard for decades now on what the stones are but will be changed if stone availability or changes in style and popularity.  

opal ring


Opal is a very unique stone that has a beautiful finish that is glistening and changing hues of color. The way the stone is formed is by water getting trapped in forming rock. This makes every pattern unique. Opals are very unique in nature too. They have been mined for centuries and even found on Mars. Opals are very delicate and more than other stone require special care, but are worth it due to their natural unhinged beauty. At Lee Dorn, we can help you pick out your perfect stone to help you celebrate October! 


Tourmaline is the other amazing October stone. Although tourmaline comes in almost every color, pink is the accepted color of October. Pink tourmaline can come in many hues and is an easy stone to pair with any statement piece. Every tourmaline gem is dazzling and beautiful but also durable. It is very available and affordable and can be paired with any combination of other stones and metals to make beautiful pieces. Let us help you pick out or  design a great pair of earrings, a bracelet or necklace for your October birthstone jewelry. 

Jewelry for October: 

 Lee Dorn has many options for you to choose from and customize to create your individual unique birthstone jewelry. Lee is passionate about beautiful quality jewelry and can help you decide on for every aspect on your piece. With such beautiful birthstones, it is easy to create a beautiful ring, necklace or many other options to bring meaning to those born in October for a very long time. Contact Lee Dorn Jewelers today to let us help you with your October birthstone jewelry.