diamond wedding ring

You have heard it said before that you should bring your diamond engagement and wedding ring to the jeweler for regular Inspections. This is true for all the rings that you wear daily. It depends on the wear and tear and the style and shape of your ring, but you will want to bring it in every six months so that the jeweler can take a look at it. 

Cleaning your ring frequently at home, and removing the ring to put on lotion are great ideas, but just like you need regular visits to the dentist, and your car needs regular oil changes at scheduled intervals, your diamond engagement or wedding ring needs to be looked at. The same is true for any other precious stones you wear daily. If you have an emerald or ruby set in a ring, you’ll cherish it as much, and want to keep the stones’ setting as healthy as your wedding rings. 

We look at the diamond: 

Your diamond is important to you. We examine it to determine tell-tale signs of wear or damage.  

We look at the prongs: 

With regular wear, diamonds can come loose unexpectedly. You do not want the diamond to pop out of its setting. A professional inspection will determine any adjustments needed with prongs to avoid the possibility of losing your stone. Sometimes stones become loose, and you do not notice it, a jeweler will.  

We clean the diamond and accent stones: 

A professional check and cleaning twice a year is recommended, according to Martha Stewart in an article found here. Periodically, it is a good idea to get a deeper clean for your rings. A deep cleaning restores the integrity and luster of your piece to its original state and beauty. 

We can polish the gold for you:

You do not have to have the polishing done every time you have your ring professionally cleaned, but once in a while, it’s a nice touch to have the ring cleaned and polished. 

Regardless of how often you bring your ring to the jeweler for inspection, if you notice something amiss, we recommend you bring the ring in immediately. Precaution is important when you think something is wrong with your ring. Regular cleaning and inspections will ensure the value of your ring for years to come. 

Lee Dorn is happy to be your jeweler and would love for you to stop in to have your rings inspected and cleaned every six months.