Now that the weather is warming up, it is the perfect time to choose some new spring jewelry styles. Warm weather often comes with a change of clothing, more holidays, vacations, and even weddings. It is the perfect time to style your jewelry for these occasions and also dress up and enjoy your spring jewelry styles.

Spice Up Spring Clothing

As the weather starts to warm up you might find yourself changing into spring sweaters, lighter jackets, and sandals. Why not change up your jewelry too? As we ditch winter hats, we have more freedom with what jewelry and accessories we can use. Earrings are a great place to start. Some inspiration for spring jewelry styles can be:

  • Simple pearl or studs with a sparkle
  • A simple gold or silver hoop
  • An earring with a small dangle to bring attention to your face
  • Statement earrings that can brighten up your outfit

Other ways to spice up your spring jewelry styles are incorporating other necklaces, bracelets, or anklets. It is important to play around with jewelry ideas in order to look good and have fun. Jewelry is the perfect way to spice up your spring clothing!

Spring Holiday Jewelry

As Easter, Memorial Day, and Mother’s Day holidays approach, keep in mind what jewelry you might wear. Holidays are a great excuse to dress up a little more than usual and you can wear the jewelry you might save for special occasions. As holidays approach, make sure to check on your jewelry you might not wear and make sure to get them out to be cleaned or repaired. Your jeweler can help you out on these and provide restoration if needed. Holidays are a great time to sit back, relax and really enjoy your special jewelry. Spring is a great time to pull out old jewelry or gift yourself or someone with new jewelry, especially for spring jewelry styles

spring jewelry styles

Special Occasion Jewelry

As the weather warms up you may find yourself attending more special functions like showers, weddings, and parties. Although your mind might not go straight to what outfit and jewelry you will wear, it can be a fun time to express yourself and wear cute spring styles. If you’re looking to add something new to an existing outfit, try a barrette, a broach, or a scarf ring. The possibilities are endless and you can choose something simple and elegant or express yourself with something colorful.

Lee Dorn has endless options and beautiful spring styles for you to browse and try on. Jewelry is essential for your spring style even if it is something small, or something big. Come into Lee Dorn Jewelers for inspiration, jewelry cleaning, and repair, and see what you can do with your spring styles.