If you have a nice collection of jewelry but don’t know how to wear it to match your style, the possibilities are endless. Many people have a lot of jewelry that they love but don’t wear and it is time to show it off! Maybe you have the jewelry you save for special occasions, some costume jewelry pieces, or any jewelry that you don’t wear because you don’t know how to coordinate it. There is no better time than now to try wearing it in a way that compliments your style.  

style jewelry


One of the most important parts of styling your jewelry is layering your pieces. This can be achieved by wearing different lengths of earrings, necklaces, and more. Different lengths will give a more casual, but balanced feel to your appearance. Premade constructed layered necklaces are a popular trend right now. The same look can be achieved with pieces you already own. By wearing two or three necklaces of different lengths, you can incorporate and show off more of your jewelry.  

Rings and bracelets can really add pop to your outfit. Layer bold statement pieces with flash and simple metal or gems to produce an interesting and striking combination. For rings, do the same. You can layer, mix and match styles, wear rings all over your fingers and not only on your ring finger. Have fun doing this! Your jewelry will thank you to be worn out and showcased. 

Mix and Match:

Previously, it seemed against fashion standards to mix metals like silver, gold, and more. Now, mixing is a good thing. You can find pieces that tie all of the elements together that contrast and have their own beauty. You can use these pieces to tie more color into play with your jewelry.  

style jewelry

What is your Goal?

When planning your outfit and jewelry, make sure you envision a goal for your look. This can make playing with your jewelry’s fun and exciting. Trying new combinations or wearing a combination that you like can be something to look forward to. You can focus your jewelry around an outfit or an outfit around a specific piece of jewelry you would like to wear. If you want to spice up a regular outfit, go bold with jewelry. If you want to go bold with your outfit, styling simple things will accent your outfit in the perfect way. Also, If you want to draw attention to a specific part of your body or outfit, find a piece of jewelry to accent that area. For example a broach on a sash, a statement pair of earrings, or a beautiful ring on your hand. 


Break the Rules:

Just because something isn’t a trend or you don’t think something fits what’s trending, you should go for it anyway. Your jewelry is beautiful and it should be an extension of you. The most important thing you can wear is confidence! Your jewelry helps you shine.  


Know what pieces you would like to focus on and build from there. You can do this by picking a necklace for layering, accessorizing rings, bracelets, and earrings. You can mix up your style and balance it out. But if you really want to, go for it. 


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