Mother’s Day Jewelry: 

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and Mothers are some of the most gracious and grateful people out there.  Mother’s Day originated when Woodrow Wilson signed a measure establishing the second Sunday in May to become Mother’s Day in 1914.  You can learn more about Mother’s Day and the origins here.  

There are various types of mothers, but all of them appreciate being recognized for the sacrifices they make for their children. All of them would enjoy new jewelry as well. Deciding what to choose for them can be based on what kind of mother they resonate with most.   

A new mother: 

three stone necklaceThe new mother gives up sleep and sanity to keep little ones fed, clothed, and content. If it is the first baby, then this mama’s whole life just changed, making her a new mother. Otherwise, it is a new addition to an already bustling family. A necklace like the one pictured here shows a mother who has three children.  Lee can also custom make a piece for you, where additional stones could be added if needed in the future; a perfect option for the new mom. 

A seasoned mother: 

a mothers ring with various stonesThis mom is not frightened away by an owie or two.  They have been there and done that. Minor scrapes and even trips to the emergency room no longer send them into a tailspin.  This mom would love to receive a mother’s ring with beautiful stones representing each of her children. A mother’s ring is a timeless and classic piece that belongs solely to that mom in that family. Her children often cherish it as they look for their stone and their personal representation in the family. 

A grandma: 

a pendant with various stonesThis mother has been blessed with grandchildren!  It is such a joy to watch a new mom turn their mother into a grandma.  These women are wise and full of patience.  Grandmas love to receive pendant necklaces like those pictured with representations of her own children and their children.  Usually a birthstone, but in a pendant, there could be favorite colors represented. Larger stones can represent their children, with smaller stones of the same color representing grandchildren.  

All three of these moms appreciate being recognized as moms, and jewelry is the perfect way to do just that. Jewelry is an ideal gift for moms because it is timeless and precious, just like their children.  

Contact Lee today if you would like to pick out something for your wife, a new mom, or your mom, who is now a grandma, or that seasoned mama who would love to add to her collection. These treasures will be cherished by families and can become heirloom pieces for generations to come.