14kt Tri-color Diamond stack ring set


There are many colors of gold. In this blog, we will focus on the three main colors of gold:  Yellow, Rose, and White. The gold is colored by adding metals or alloys to pure 24 karat gold.


Colored Gold:

Adding alloys to metal increases the strength of the gold and pulls the color in the direction of which particular color is wanted. The more copper and silver alloy you add to pure gold, the different colors it will produce. There is also palladium added to gold as well as nickel and zinc.


Yellow Gold:

Most people are very familiar with 18 and 14 karat gold. These two karat weights tend to be the standard, although some rings are made in 10 karat gold. Ten karat gold is much more durable. 24 karat gold is very soft, and most jewelry will not last when made from pure 24 karat gold. Since 24 karat gold is so soft, alloys are added to the gold, strengthening it but reducing its’ karat.


White Gold:

White Gold is a popular jewelry metal. It is still a pale yellow because no matter how many alloys you add to 24 karat gold, it will retain some of the yellow color schemes. Usually, you start with 58.5% gold, and then you start adding zinc, nickel, silver, and copper to the gold to produce white gold.


Rose Gold:

Rose gold is a favorite of many people. The gold and the color that comes when you mix copper into it are cool and stunning. The copper is significant and makes the rose gold more malleable. Rose gold can have 33.5 % copper mixed into it with 8% silver. The color of rose gold reminds one of a warm summer sunset.

Trends in colors of Gold

Two-Tone and Tricolored Gold Jewelry:

The tricolored gold in a herringbone style necklace is a thing of the past. Tri-tone jewelry has replaced it with a more sophisticated look, which is much more fashionable.

People like to see the three colors of gold mixed into a single piece of jewelry. They often purchase it as a single piece, but some rings can stack, and they also look very nice.

Some individuals adhere to warm-toned gold rules with specific colors of gemstones or cooler tones with other colors. Others wear one color over another, depending on their skin tone. We disagree with any such rules and believe that people should wear what makes them happy. Jewelry is about fun, and the wearer decides fashion. Any color gold, yellow, white, and rose, can look great on the wearer.