When you look at your jewelry and your beautiful piece is missing its original shine and luster, it could mean it’s time for a good jewelry cleaning. If you notice your jewelry is looking dirty, has buildup, is tarnished, or beat up, it is probably time to evaluate how to clean it. Most of the time, you can get your gold, silver, and gem jewelry shined up with no hassle. Other times, it is a good idea to take careful measures to not damage or repair your piece to maintain its longevity. Read below for some tips to make your jewelry shine.  


The Most Important Step: Look. 

Look at your jewelry. There are important evaluations you need to make. What kind of jewelry is it? How dirty is it? What materials are used? These are important questions you might not be able to answer. Contact your jeweler for a more intensive look. 


Don’t use abrasive cleaners. 

It is a crucial part of cleaning your jewelry – how not to clean it. Do not use toothpaste, abrasive brushing, or harsh chemicals to clean your jewelry. You may think that this shows the best cleaning, but in reality, might be chipping away at the metals, damaging the gems, or might completely ruin soft materials like pearls or any other soft components.  


Try gentle washing. 

If you think the buildup and grime are minimal, try gently washing your jewelry with a bit of warm water, gentle soap and a cleaning cloth. Make sure to dry your jewelry and make sure that it does not soak with soft materials. There are tiny crevices, a small soft-bristled brush with gentle precautions can help remove any buildup there. Make sure to dry the jewelry off quickly. 

18 kt gold and sterling silver Orbis set with black onyx spheres - necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet

Sterling Silver is so versatile, the uses in jewelry are limitless.

Ultrasonic cleaning as an option. 

This method of cleaning is another sure way to get your jewelry looking great yet again. Contact your jeweler to have them clean your jewelry this way. It is a machine that vibrates liquid using ultrasound. Depending on your jewelry cleaning agents may be added and your jewelry will come out sparkly. 


But beware, in some cases, this won’t be effective. With tarnished or blackened jewelry, ultrasonic cleaning won’t work. Also, when jewelry is painted or has soft materials, this may damage your jewelry. 


Tarnish Cloth 

A tarnish cloth is a great way to polish your jewelry. This can bring back shine and can take tarnish right off of sterling silver or even gold if needed. A simple fine jewelry polishing cloth will do.  


Let your Jeweler Handle It. 

Best advice is to let your jeweler handle it. If you look at your jewelry and don’t know where to start, your jeweler knows exactly what to do. If you are not sure what products to use, your jeweler knows the perfect one for your piece. Or if you are scared you will damage your heirloom piece, your jeweler will be excited to clean it up for you with care. 


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