Because sterling silver jewelry costs less than jewelry made with other precious metals, it makes an excellent choice for larger pieces. You can make a statement with Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Stylish and Sassy, Sterling Silver is just what you are looking for

You can find larger pieces, exotic and fun pieces, as well as contemporary and classic pieces. Sterling silver can be used in a sporty piece as well; it can be bold and powerful.  The choice is yours.

This jewelry deserves a place in your jewelry wardrobe.  It should not just sit on a shelf. It is an excellent choice for self-purchase and gift-giving.

Sterling Silver can be stunning!

There are bold and dramatic pieces, as well as light and whimsical pieces to be had. Sterling silver reaches across boundaries and is so versatile it might be limitless.

With different finishes available, you can find a brushed finish versus a bright finish. You would use a brushed finish to bring texture to a piece. The other descriptors of the finishes are matte versus shiny. Texture can produce movement in a piece and can be quite whimsical.

Sterling silver is very fashionable and friendly to the pocketbook. It may be less expensive, but it is not cheap!  The variety of pricing makes sterling silver jewelry perfect for gift giving. If you are ever uncertain of a gift for a person you need to buy for, sterling silver jewelry is the answer.

At times, like pictured above, sterling silver is mixed with gold. This photo depicts sterling silver and 18 karat gold, and the finished pieces are phenomenal. Information on colored gold and karat information can be found in our past blogs.

Sterling Silver is a softer metal-

Sterling silver is made up of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent alloys. Since sterling silver is a softer metal, you will see gems bezeled in place, providing a secure attachment to the jewelry. Sterling silver that is plated in Rhodium, which is part of the platinum family, rarely tarnishes. Rhodium-plated silver is only a fraction more expensive, but it recoups the value in saved time for plating and cleaning, as well as removing tarnish. Most of the pieces at Lee Dorn Jewelers are plated in Rhodium because of the jewelry’s low maintenance and ease-of-care. If you find yourself with tarnished jewelry, polish it off with a polishing cloth; Lee will give them away upon request.


There are so many varieties and ways that Sterling Sliver can be used and/or displayed; the possibilities are endless. There are plenty of affordable pieces for around $30 each; sterling silver jewelry is very affordable. Since sterling silver is an excellent vehicle for colorful stones, it helps keep the prices relatively inexpensive. Hopefully, more people will enjoy sterling silver because of this information.


Contemporary and dramatic looks in Sterling Silver jewelry are easy to achieve. Although many pieces are classic, we have fun, fantastic pieces available too. At Lee Dorn, we have Sterling Silver Jewelry from all over the world. We featured pieces from Madrid, Spain, and Istanbul, Turkey in our Facebook Live on Sterling Silver this month.