With the New Year around the corner, you can start looking forward to the next year. At Lee Dorn, we love looking forward to new popular jewelry. This could be trying out a new way to style your jewelry, or adding some new pieces to make next year something to get excited about! Another way is adding some popular bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, and rings. Lee Dorn has great pieces and tips for you.

Popular Jewelry


A popular jewelry style is bracelets. Tennis bracelets, bangles, adjustable bracelets, or stacked bracelets are all great options. Bracelets are an amazing option to add some character to your style and make a bold statement or a dainty flash of beauty on your wrist. Lee Dorn are experts at creating and styling jewelry and can help you with perfecting your bracelet style.


Earrings have always been a very popular jewelry style. This includes studs, hoops, and earrings that dangle. For those without a piercing, clip ons are also manageable and add flair to your style. For this popular jewelry style, stones, shape, and size all play a part. You can pick between a classic pearl, diamond, or a colored stone. For shapes, consider round stones, princess cut, or an oval cut. For something bolder, consider adding length. The shapes, sizes, and style possibilities are endless.

Popular jewelry


Necklaces are very popular jewelry choices. Pendants are a leading popular choice for necklaces. For most, people decide on a particular pendant and add a chain in a similar color and design. For a statement, a popular jewelry style you could try is to have a bar necklace or have multiple pendants. Another way to spice up this popular jewelry trend is to consider many gems, stones, or use multi-colored stones. Any way you decide to style a necklace, you cannot go wrong! Lee Dorn has great options and recommendations to help you achieve the perfect style of jewelry.

popular jewelry


A new trend for rings is Fidget Rings. They are a fun way to have a functional piece that has a spinning band. For more classic styles, popular choices are statement rings. This can really add a simple element to your style that makes a big difference. Some other things to consider if you like bands are a large center stone or many smaller stones. A way to make your ring trendy but still incorporate your style or add meaning is a large colored stone or many smaller stones.

Lee Dorn has a great selection and takes care to make sure you have the perfect jewelry for your style. We are experts at custom jewelry and love to embody who you are through jewelry. Come see how to style your popular jewelry!